Nifemi & Ayodeji It's been 5 years.... our journey so far


On Our Anniversary

It was a raining evening in Lagos, Nigeria, and the following ensured:
"Hi, do you mind I give you my jacket, it seems you are cold" -Ayo asked this beautiful stranger. Ordinarily, it isn't because I was an extra ordinary nice guy,and i no too dey compliment women like that... I was just totatly mystified by this unique woman. To be candid, I muttered those words under my breathe. In a simple statement, this woman is the most beautiful of God's creation.
To my suprise, she refused. Then I felt this pause in my heart, my heart was beating faster and slower at the same time ah! kilode....? I proceeded to begin the story that have formed the last 5 years of our lives.

Time they say reveal truths, truthfully, Nifemi for over the years have confirmed my mystery- she's truly God's greatest creation. She's an embodiment of what God represent in our lives. She's beautiful, meek, fine, I mean fine in all ways you can think of, kind-hearted and all round incredible human.
God has told us He would bless some few people with the best of His makings. I am forever grateful to Him for counting me worthy of this rare gem of a gift!.
Today, we are 5 years in...

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Auguest 20, 2023

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I was going to write an epistle, then I realize, what better way to tell you this, than in person. In the last few years, you have demostrated an incredible strength, I have never seen a more powerful and strong human like you.Ah! you defied all logics, you showed what can only be imagined, alone, by yourself, you did all you have to do, you did not waiver. For this,I am forever indebted to you.

You are magical. In fact, you are the magic! I thank God for keeping you this far, I thank you for holding it down. I am grateful for what you have done, especially for our daughter and I.....Here is to a beautiful life together, devoid of worries, devoid of stres and full of enjoyment, climax and abundance of happiness.

Other Notes

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I love you

By Ayodeji Ibraheem